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"Tamika is the co-owner of Natural Resources Salon and Earth's Nectar Products in Houston, Texas. Aside from also creating social media tutorials, Tamika frequently is a go-to hair care expert on panels and at conferences in the South."
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"Studies recommend using a shampoo with heavy-metal-removing ingredients, like disodium EDTA, tetrasodium EDTA, or sodium citrate (try Earth’s Nectar Mint Leaves Tea Tree Shampoo). It will lift away the pollutants that can speed exfoliation of the scalp’s outer layers and heighten sensitivity."
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"“We’re still crushing on the all in one product, too. So naturally, it’s the star ingredient of the hair product from this month’s BeautyBox: Earth’s Nectar Coconut Curls. The part moisturizer, part heat protectant is basically heaven in a jar that will do everything from detangle curls to aid in extension removal for every texture.”"
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"“Don't let the unassuming packaging fool you. This bracing elixir contains over 70 percent organic ingredients.”"
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""The founder of Earth's Nectar is a Houston girl! This oil soothes dry scalp, makes hair feel amazing, and can be used on skin too." —Brandy Gueary,"
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Tamika Fletcher
Founder, 832-545-7607
Our Founder Tamika Fletcher is a leading curly hair stylist, natural hair and beauty expert, salon owner, and hair care product manufacturer who knows what natural hair needs. As a board-certified natural hair stylist, she has been a respected hair care expert who specializes in natural and healthy hair for over 17 years. In 2004, she opened Natural Resources Salon in Houston, Texas. It is the now the premiere salon for women and men with natural and curly hair. When launching the salon, she wanted salon quality, environmentally friendly, and clean hair care products. After extensive research and finding out there were very few of those products, she decided to do something about it. In 2004, Tamika founded Earth’s Nectar Hair Care, a clean beauty brand, in her kitchen to help clients repair dry, damaged curls and coarse strands. After years of working with curly hair and seeing the care that it requires, she launched Earth’s Nectar. Each Earth’s Nectar product was created based on the various needs of her client’s hair.
Monique Mack
Vice President / Creative Director, 832-651-1871
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Earth’s Nectar is available at
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I would like a barrel full I barely used 10% of the bottle and I already want to order a backup. I have a dry, itchy, flaky scalp and just one use made a dramatic difference. Usually, as soon as I dry my hair after washing I'll notice the flakes and more will appear throughout the day, not to mention the itchiness. The first time I used this product I left it in overnight and for all of the following day so I assumed that was the only reason it worked. The next few times I used it I applied it for only an hour before I washed my hair and still got the same results. No visible flakes, no flaking throughout the day, no itching, and my hair doesn't get greasy as quickly (I maybe have an extra day). I didn't bother applying it to the ends of my hair, but it was very easy to apply to the scalp. sayaxo · Reviewed on Sephora"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This is an amazing product for someone with a bit of a complicated texture to their curl. My curls are thick and somewhat coarse but can be weighted down with too much product. Earths nectar did an amazing job at boosting the moisture in my hair and defining each of my curls! I normally have to combine a few products. This only took some product (palm full) and a little oil to seal it in and my hair is easier than ever to manage now! "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Life-changing! I have medical conditions that cause my skin and scalp to become very, very dry. This scalp oil has literally changed my life. It is such an improvement, and it has helped give me the confidence that I need."
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Tamika Fletcher
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